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I recently had the opportunity to support the Churchill Centre by purchasing a bust of Sir Winston S. Churchill, sculpted by the world famous Oscar Nemon. I have been a lifelong student of Sir Winston and always appreciated that Mr. Nemon considered Churchill “one of the most remarkable personalities of all time!” This bust sits proudly in my library surrounded by many other art items related to Mr. Churchill’s life, but this is truly the centerpiece of my Churchill collection. I found the wonderful people representing the Estate of Oscar Nemon to be very gracious and professional, especially Alice Nemon Stuart who personally handled my purchase. I wholeheartedly recommend that you visit the Nemon website and consider the Churchill bust for your own collection!


Don Jakeway
Churchill Centre South Texas
San Antonio, Texas

The website created by the Estate of Oscar Nemon is a wonderful source of information on the unique relation between Winston Churchill and the artist Oscar Nemon. It offers brilliant exposure of the Churchill busts sculpted by Nemon during various stages of Churchill’s eventful life and also minute descriptions of the reproductions offered for sale. The site also offers safe routines for ordering and shipping and is recommended to anyone fascinated by great art and great human achievement.

Peter Adler, Sweden
Master of Art, writer and journalist


Thank you for being so helpful in assisting with my purchase of your Nemon Churchill bust. It’s authenticity has earned it a prominent position in our den. Regards,

Ronald Spottz


I bought the small Nemon bust for a prize at a fundraising event. The first winner was absolutely delighted to choose it out of several items that were on offer.

Mary, United Kingdom


My husband bought a Nemon Churchill bust for me for my 55th birthday. I’m happy to have the opportunity to tell you that I was so thrilled when I received it. I am a great fan of Churchill, and have read many books about his life and times. I wanted a bust of him because I admire the man so much; but I was very surprised (not being an art connoisseur by any means) at how I appreciate the bust as much for the workmanship and beauty of the piece as I do the subject. It is so beautifully done, and truly captures the spirit of the man as I envision him.

Best of luck with your US website! If I can be of any further assistance to you in this endeavor, please let me know, I’d love to help.

Fran, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


I ordered the bust for my partner’s birthday as he is a huge Churchill fan. He absolutely loves it and it now sits on a shelf in his library in pride of place. We are both very pleased with the quality and highly recommend it.

Liz, East Sussex, United Kingdom


I am a collector with a particular interest in great, statesmen. Obviously, Sir Winston Churchill is at the top of anyone’s list of great statesmen. As such, I wanted to acquire a single memento to pay tribute to, and remind me of, this great man. After searching several sources, I decided to purchase a Classic Churchill bust reproduction in dark resin from Alice Nemon-Stuart. The reproduction was sculpted from life by Oscar Nemon during the 1950s. I was satisfied in every respect with my purchase (the product itself, the price, and the quick delivery).

Al Casazza, Rhode Island


“Freud’s bust by Oscar Neman is undoubtedly a curious piece of artwork. I wonder at Neman’s expertise that he was able to transfuse Freud’s emotions through this sculpture: wisdom, sorrow and lassitude. Happily this bust has a special place on my desk.”

Vitali Tevelev, Ph.D.
Ramat Gan,


My wife was absolutely thrilled with the gift of Nemon’s Freud bust to celebrate her graduation as a psychotherapist and counsellor. She felt very close to the great man himself during her studies and to have him now residing on her desk is a source of immense inspiration. In her words, “It’s as though Freud is looking after me as I work. I now have his advice and guidance with me every day”. Many thanks to you Alice for the prompt and courteous service you’ve provided. I’d like to wish you all good fortune in your new venture, I’m sure you’ll “Wow” them in the States too.

Philip Marley, United Kingdom.


The bust arrived today (Monday) and it’s wonderful  both in the image and in the quality of the casting. I’ve never seen a bronze finish on resin look so much like good dark patina on actual metal (and I have a fair number of old hot cast bronze busts in my study).

For me, the real test of a very small sculpture is whether in the mind it looms larger than its actual physical size. And your father-in-law’s bust more than passes that test. Its presence is massive, even though the actual footprint is tiny.

Michael C. Lang,
Bethesda, USA


The perfect gift for any admirer of Winston Churchill.

Shipping to Bermuda was very fast, and I had the bust through customs, in hand in a week.

It is sitting on my desk at home, and I will probably get another one for work.

Jonathan D S Dunlop, Hamilton, Bermuda


Classic Bronze Resin Freud Bust (ONF 923).

I just wanted to say that I recieved the bust perfectly and that my sister, a psychoanalyst who just turned 40, was extremely glad and impressed by the bust, as was I. I suspect that her colleagues will want the bust themselves and I will warmly recommend buying it via your site. Thank you for all your help.

Best wishes

Johanna, Sweden, April 2011.