Nemon's relief of Ante Aksamovic
Nemon's relief portrait of Dr Ante Aksamovic, Bishop of Djakovo

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Selected to design the profile used on the Churchill Crown after Churchill's death in 1965, Nemon's interest in the relief in fact went back to his beginnings as a sculptor. His first major public commission, awarded in 1927 when he was 21, was for a portrait of Dr Ante Aksamovic, Bishop of Djakovo.
Throughout the 1920s and 1930s Nemon continued to create small 5cm portrait reliefs and medals in bronze � including Lindbergh and Freud - a selection of which are now held by the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.   A relief of Sigmund Freud
A small Nemon relief of Sigmund Freud
During the 1930s, Nemon began additionally to experiment with figurative compositions which were moulded and drawn in clay, and then cast into plaster and painted. He continued to work on these privately after the second world war, when his public work became more focused on portraiture. Returning to the colours of the Croatian coast, and the blues and greens of the Adriatic sea, these reliefs were found in the studio at Pleasant Land after Nemon's death, and shown to the public for the first time when the studio was open in 2003.

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