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In order to make Nemon's works available once more, the Nemon Estate has created a selection of signed busts of some of his best known sitters. Each bust is hand cast in an artisan foundry near his studio. Moulded from a plaster sculpted by Nemon in his lifetime, the busts are cast in bronze resin or resin, and finished with an authentic wax patina matched to his public sculptures. They are sold with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and historical information about their creation.

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Bust of Churchill  

Busts of Sir Winston Churchill

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Nemon portraits of Winston Churchill are sold with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and a brochure describing Nemon's relationship with Churchill. It features reproductions of Nemon's sketches of Churchill, alongside photographs of some of his public portraits of Sir Winston, and the plasters from which they were created, to give a full historical context. Certificate of Authenticity

This bust sits proudly in my library surrounded by many other art items related to Mr. Churchill´┐Żs life, but this is truly the centerpiece of my Churchill collection.

Don Jakeway
Churchill Centre South Texas
San Antonio, Texas

Bust of Freud  

Busts of Sigmund Freud

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Nemon portraits of Freud are sold with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, a photograph of Nemon and Freud suitable for display, and a printed account of Nemon's working relationship with Freud.
Certificate of Authenticity

My wife was absolutely thrilled with the gift of Nemon's Freud bust to celebrate her graduation as a psychotherapist and counsellor. She felt very close to the great man himself during her studies and to have him now residing on her desk is a source of immense inspiration.

Philip Marley, United Kingdom.

Bust of Montgomery  

Bust of Bernard Montgomery

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Sculpted from life by Oscar Nemon in the 1950s, and reduced by him for reproduction, the portrait is signed on the back with his linked ON signature. Cast by hand in 85% bronze resin, it is individually finished with a verdigris wax patina to age like bronze. It stands 20cm high, 15cm wide, and 12 cm deep, and weighs 2kg. It is sold with two photographs of Nemon sculpting Monty in his garden, and historical information detailing the process.

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