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See below a selection of Nemon's signed hand cast portraits of Sigmund Freud. For further information about Nemon sculpting Freud, and photographs of them together, please see our 'Nemon and Freud' section.

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Freud paperweight  

Paperweight Bronze Resin Relief [ONF921]

Sculpted from life during the 1930s, this relief communicates Freud's reflectiveness and vision, showing him lost in thought as he gazes into the distance through his characteristic spectacles. Reduced from a life size sketch, the bronze original of this distinctive desk ornament is now held by the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Cast by hand in the UK in 85% bronze resin, and finished with an authentic verdigris wax patina, the piece is 6cm across, and 2.75 cm deep, and weighs 0.2kg. Signed by Nemon just below Freud's chin, it is sold in an elegant velour lined black presentation box which is tied with a black silk ribbon.
UK ONF921 £30.00 + Shipping: £0
EU ONF921 £30.00 + Shipping: £20.00
Rest of World ONF921 £30.00 + Shipping: £20.00
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Dark Resin Freud Bust [ONF922]

Ideal for the desk or study, where Freud of course displayed his own collection of small statues, this moving bust of Freud distills Nemon's respect and admiration for a man he sketched repeatedly through the 1930s in Vienna and lastly in London. Hand cast in resin from an original plaster created by Oscar Nemon, this is finished with a traditional bronze resin patina. It weighs 0.35kg, and stands 11.5cm high including the base, 9cm wide, and 6.5cm deep. It is sold with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
UK ONF922 £38.50 + Shipping: £0
EU ONF922 £38.50 + Shipping: £15.00
Rest of World ONF922 £38.50 + Shipping: £15.00
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Classic 85% Bronze Resin Freud Bust [ONF923]

Taken from the original plaster sculpted from life by Nemon in Freud's Vienna garden in 1931 and deemed by Freud "an astonishingly life-like impression", this powerful and brooding signed portrait is cast by hand in 85% bronze resin, and finished with the characteristic deep wax patina of the bronze original which is held by the Nemon Estate. The bust weighs 2kg, and stands 20cm high, 10cm wide, and 10cm deep on a 7cm solid bronze resin base. It is sold with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, photograph of Nemon and Freud, and historical information.
UK ONF923 £165.00 + Shipping: £0
EU ONF923 £165.00 + Shipping: £20.00
Rest of World ONF923 £165.00 + Shipping: £20.00
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85% Bronze Resin Seated Freud [ONF924]

Seated Maquette of Sigmund Freud by Oscar Nemon.
This bronze original of this impressive piece stands near Freud's final home in London, outside the Tavistock Institute, and was created by Nemon though the 1930's at a series of sittings with Freud. Cast by hand in 85% resin bronze at an artisan foundry in Britain, this signed maquette is finished with an authentic wax patina to match the Hampstead bronze. It is sold with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and historical information about its creation.
23cm high, 17cm wide, 20cm deep. 4.1kg.

UK ONF924 £290.00 + Shipping: £0
EU ONF924 £290.00 + Shipping: £20.00
Rest of World ONF924 £290.00 + Shipping: £20.00
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Freud the Thinker [ONF925]

Bust of Sigmund Freud by Oscar Nemon.
Created from a maquette which Nemon made to celebrate Freud's eightieth birthday in 1936, this bust shows Freud deep in thought. Nemon had been visiting Freud in Vienna to sketch and sculpt him for five years when he created this portrait. Their friendship is evidenced by the confidence with which he portrays Freud. Hand cast in resin, and finished with an antique bronze wax patina, this stands 15 cm high, 14 cm wide and 10 cm deep. The polished resin base is signed with Nemon's interlocking ON signature. The bust comes with a photograph of Nemon and Freud and a certificate of authenticity.
UK ONF925 £85.00 + Shipping: £0
EU ONF925 £85.00 + Shipping: £20.00
Rest of World ONF925 £85.00 + Shipping: £20.00
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