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Aurelia Yougn presents departing Croatian Ambassador Ivan Grdešić and his wife Elena with a maquette of Sigmund Freud's Hampstead Statue on 12 June at the Athenaeum Club in London

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Aurelia Young, Oscar Nemon's eldest daughter, presented departing Croatian Ambassador Ivan Grdešić and his wife Elena with a maquette of Sigmund Freud's Hampstead Statue on 12 June at the Athenaeum Club in London. Introduced by Sir Nicholas Henderson, the event was organised by the Anglo-Croatian Society to celebrate Ivan and Elena's work furthering relations between the two countries during their London posting. Ivan and Elena had enjoyed a visit to Oscar Nemon's Studio Museum at Pleasant Land the previous day, together with a group from the Maidenhead Synagogue (see pictures from their visit here).

Aurelia Young Lectures

Nemon's daughter Aurelia Young regularly gives talks about her father's works as part of her ongoing research. Some are listed below, but please email Aurelia to see if there is a talk coming up in your area.
News/Upcoming talks:
Watch a video of Aurelia Young's talk ‘Oscar Nemon: Churchill's Sculptor’, given to the House of Commons on 22 January.
Toronto City Hall's Nemon statue of Churchill has been moved to another spot nearby. See the CityNews Toronto story here.
Unveiling of Nemon bronze bust of Sir Winston Churchill in the Capitol, Washington DC - Architect of the Capitol. Video of unveiling ceremony (with speech by John Kerry) available from C-SPAN.
British Minister Lord Marland has awarded Aung San Suu Kyi the Churchillian Prize, which includes a Nemon bust of Churchill. (details)
Imperial College have recently unveiled a bust of Ernst Chain, the co-discoverer of penicillin, which was sculpted by Oscar Nemon from life. For more information please click here.

Useful links

  One of Nemon's sketches of Churchill
Oscar Nemon on Wikipedia
Short BBC documentary on Oscar Nemon (streaming video).
Churchill College, Cambridge, holds archive material about Nemon's sculptures of Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher including letters, photographs and drawings, together with the original sketches which Nemon made of Churchill at La Mamounia (catalogue viewable on Janus).
Another of Nemon's sketches of Churchill   The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds holds photographs and sketches created by Nemon in Vienna and Bruxelles during the 1920s and 1930s, including all the material relating to the Temple of Universal Ethics. They also hold the bronze original of his relief of Charles Lindbergh, and a maquette of the Temple, together with Nemon's draft autobiography, and other theoretical writings and manifestoes and correspondence from this period. They offer financial support to scholars researching Oscar Nemon.
The Freud Museum in London holds material about Nemon's sculptures of Freud including sketches, photographs and correspondence, together with the carved wood bust of Freud which Nemon gave him during the 1930s at Freud's request, which is displayed in his Freud's study as it was in his lifetime.
The Imperial War Museum will be unveiling a permanent exhibit about the creation of Nemon�s sculpture of Montgomery which stands on Whitehall. This will contain sketches, profiles and photographs of the clay, showing how the work came into being.   Installation of Nemon's statue of Montgomery
The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms displays Churchill's bust of Nemon, together with Nemon's cast of Churchill's hand and a bronze bust of Churchill by Nemon.
Newspaper cutting about Nemon's Montgomery statue   The Palace of Westminster holds many of Nemon's political portraits, including busts of Harold Macmillan, Lady Thatcher, Manny Shinwell, and of course the full length portrait of Sir Winston Churchill which stands in the Members' Lobby.
The British Embassy in Zagreb holds a number of Nemon's bronze reliefs which can be viewed by contacting the Ambassador.
The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford holds a range of Nemon material including drawings, Nemon's bust of Max Beerbohm, and the bronze relief Ana.

Finest Hour, the journal of Winston Churchill, featured an article about Nemon's friendship with Churchill, which can be viewed in PDF format here (Number 137, pages 14-18). Viewing PDFs requires Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here.